August 1, 2014


The city of Campeche (which resides in the state of the same name) almost resembles an inland historical city, but is actually along the Gulf Coast. A quarter the size of Mérida, Campeche’s rich history and safe neighborhoods beckon. Campeche was once surrounded by walls to protect it from pirates who roamed the Gulf of Mexico. Today, the city is a World Heritage Site, a status Mérida is hoping to achieve one day.

A two-mile-long sea wall lines Campeche’s curving, rocky shoreline, and its esplanade is suitable for joggers or bikes. A swimming beach lies five miles away at  Playa Bonita; better ones are slightly further out.

For everyday provisions, there’s Walmart and Sam’s Club and modern supermarket chains familiar to Mexico; if you get homesick for hamburgers, try familiar eateries like Burger King and Applebee’s.